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Our Rum

Scottish Rum has been designed, distilled and bottled with its soul focused on adventure and an adrenalin lifestyle. Modern renewable technology has been adopted at every level of production and distribution. We don’t drink alone; we wish to embrace social gatherings with a healthy respect for alcohol’s dangers and of course its great benefits. I want to create socializing clubs of like-minded people creating memorable interaction. Pirates never operated alone, they pushed the limits and drank lots of rum.

Renovating the old Watermill & Blacksmith foundry sympathetically in traditional architectural methods while expanding the building to incorporate the state of art efficiency of renewable energy sources from sun ground and water. The project will be kind to the original features while ensuring the materials are sourced locally, local trades people are to be engaged to deliver the site of our distillery and its upgrades. We shall design a bottling system to only have re-usable bottles. The building will have accommodation for guests, a tour with a shop and tasting bar along with a bonded warehouse.

Phase 1

Complete initial fund raising, Architectural drawings completed and presented for authorization. Agreements on bonded warehouse storage and bottling protocols.

Phase 2

Engaging construction renovation team. Project management, Social media design and development. IStill construction and commissioning. Delivery of Rum base products for initial cold fusion and botanicals tank. Until we are fully operational with distillation, we shall cold infuse a small run of rum for our tourist and military markets.

Phase 3

Distillation process begins, and our collection of rums will be created, casks from single Malt whisky will be used for our aged rums and dark rums while spiced rums will be created for cocktail drinking customers. International sales agreements in place with distribution channels secured.

Unique use of single Malt whisky barrels from the most Northern Coast of the Scottish Highlands distilleries, absorbing the salted sea air while developing a unique fragrance and taste of the Northern Highlands of Scotland’s.