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My name is Ronald Dunnett. I am looking for funding partners. About me. I am from the most Northern region of the Scottish Highlands, my life has been an adventure from the day I left school at 15 years old, my life continues to be a source of adventure and pushing my limits beyond the normal redlines! average I am not. I shall now begin a journey of discovery and I wish to bring you with me. As a former Royal Marine Commando, I joined a unique brotherhood and my goal now it to build a company as a brother and sisterhood whereby everyone who is involved shares the journey wherever it may take us. Using the most advanced technology and incorporating ancient techniques together we will be instrumental in creating a spirit to honor those adventurers who traveled the alcohol distillation before us. Rum is my chosen spirit as it is synonymous as the Spirit of the sea and my soul is on the waves.


My journey has begun, I am launching a unique concept to fund the business with Crypto currency and its an exciting opportunity. The question is do you wish to be part of the journey and the adventure. The team includes web developers, videographers, social media experts, marketing experts and financial advisors.


The distilling team are world standard with an amazing credentials and are excited about our new venture. You as an investor will be part of a team and will help deliver a world class product from concept to glass. Currently we are not aware of anyone attempting to deliver such a business case from A to Z in this sector.

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