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Who is the driving force behind Scottish Rum Ltd?

"Ronald Dunnett" the founder has the bloodline of the Vikings running through his Veins, with Pirate heritage in more modern times from the Island of Stroma where his mother and family hail from. Ronald has designed his new distillery concept from years on the high sea’s fighting today's pirates around the globe as a Royal Marine Commando on a British Royal Navy “Man of War” HMS Ariadne and then as a private contractor protecting Supertankers on the coasts of Africa. With the lingering taste of sea salt and the odor of gunpowder lingering in his palatable memory Ronald has decided to design build and operate a process of distillation encompassing the most modern renewable energy systems with the heritage of the world's most established coastal whiskey distilleries located strategically around his home in the Northern Highlands of Scotland’s Coast. A modern Rum with the soul and spirit of Adrenalin filled lifestyles.

John O'Groat Journal's Interview


My name is Ronald Dunnett. I am looking for founding members funding partners. I am from the most Northern region of the Scottish Highlands; my life has been an adventure that pushes my limits beyond the average!

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While discussing the concept of funding the Distillery with an old friend who is a business financial fund manager he mentioned the capacity of Crypto currency. With his guidance and direction, I have studied the opportunities...

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Our Rum

My Rum is being created to deliver a product which will excite the crowd. Pirates party with friends! Old and new. We don't believe in drinking alone. Introducing three different rums: White, Spiced and specially matured in whiskey casks.

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